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ZF Definition: Zero Frequency Zero FrequencyTechnology
ZF Definition: Zone of Fire Zone of FireMilitary
zf Definition: Zebrafish ZebrafishMedical
ZF Definition: Zero Field Zero FieldCommon
ZF Definition: Zero Flag Zero FlagTechnology
ZF Definition: Zero Forcing Zero ForcingTechnology
zf Definition: Zimmer Frame Zimmer FrameMedical
ZF Definition: Zinc Ferrite Zinc FerriteCommon
ZF Definition: Zinc Finger Zinc FingerMedical
Zf Definition: Zinc Fingers Zinc FingersMedical
ZF Definition: Zona Fasciculata Zona FasciculataMedical
ZF Definition: Zone Finder Zone FinderCommon
ZF Definition: Zucker Fatty Zucker FattyMedical
ZF Definition: Zweig Fund, Inc. Zweig Fund, Inc.Organizations

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